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About L'Atelier du Sel Camargue

About L'Atelier du Sel Camargue

Let's sublimate your dishes naturally

Atelier du Sel Camargue gives flavor to your dishes by offering you a range of 100% natural flavored salts. Our flavored salts will replace overly rich sauces to give you a unique, healthy and delicious taste experience. Rediscover the authentic flavor of food!

Because we know that for everyone's well-being, it is essential to take care of your diet while enjoying yourself and consuming responsibly, we make it a point of honor to work with quality products, from short circuits and mainly from responsible and organic farming. As well as preserving the craftsmanship, supporting the local economy and its producers.

Les frères Escobar

A family story

Handcrafted production

Recognized know-how