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10 perfect cheese and Camargue salt pairings

10 perfect cheese and Camargue salt pairings

Cheese is a popular food in many cultures around the world, and can be enjoyed in many different ways. Whether as a starter, main course or dessert, there are many varieties of cheese that can be accompanied by flavored salts to enhance their taste and flavor. In this article, we offer you a guide to cheese pairings for Atelier du Sel flavored salts.

1- The 4 peppers

This flavored salt contains black, green, white pepper and pink berries. It goes well with strong cheeses such as cheddar, parmesan and gouda. Add a spin of this salt with its tangy flavors to awaken your taste buds.

Camargue Salt Mill flavored Le 4 Peppers

Parmesan cheese

2- The Fool

This flavored salt contains chilli, paprika and Provencal herbs. It is ideal to accompany fresh goat's cheese, blue cheese and Roquefort. Its flavor perfectly enhances fresh or blue-veined cheeses.

Le Fou Flavored Camargue Salt Mill

Fresh goat

3- The Guardian

This flavored salt contains onion, coriander and oregano. It goes well with sheep's and goat's cheeses. Its aromatic notes bring a touch of authenticity to your preparations.

Goat cheese

4- Lemon and Thyme

This flavored salt contains lemon, thyme and turmeric. It is perfect to accompany goat cheese, brie and camembert. Its lemony freshness enhances the flavors of creamy cheeses.

5- The Winemaker

Infused with red wine and embellished with shallots, this flavored salt goes well with fresh goat's cheese, Comté and Gouda. Its subtle aromas go perfectly with cooked pressed cheeses.

6- The Gypsy

This flavored salt contains garlic, pepper, rosemary, turmeric and pink berries. It is ideal to accompany fresh goat's cheese, blue cheese and Roquefort. A pinch of Le Gitan Salt on your cheese platter will make it a real pleasure for the taste buds.

7- Garlic

Thanks to its subtle blend of garlic and turmeric, this flavored salt is perfect to accompany sheep's and goat's cheeses. It adds a delicate flavor to your cheese preparations.

8- Black Curry

This unique condiment combining black curry and vegetable charcoal is ideal for seasoning spicy cheeses such as Gouda and Cheddar. Its smoky note will bring an explosion of flavors to your tastings.


9- The Provencal

aroma combining garlic, basil and spirulina, Provençal flavored salt is a perfect choice to accompany goat cheeses, brie and camembert. Its Provençal aromatic herbs add a touch of freshness and authenticity to your preparations.

What could be better than a roasted Camembert with honey and Provence herbs?

10- Herbs of Provence

Composed of a mixture of carefully selected Provencal herbs, this flavored salt is specially designed to accompany goat's cheese, Brie and Camembert. Dried herbs bring an explosion of Mediterranean flavors to your cheese delicacies.




By using Atelier du Sel flavored salts, you can create tasty and creative pairings with a variety of cheeses. Whether for a convivial aperitif, a gourmet tasting or simply to sublimate your cheese preparations, these exceptional condiments are there to awaken your taste buds and make you travel to the heart of the aromas. Feel free to experiment with these salts to discover new combinations that will delight cheese lovers.

Don't forget to spice up your cheese platter with accompaniments such as nuts, olives, slices of ham or even sun-dried tomatoes. These complementary additions will bring an extra dimension to your tastings and allow you to create harmonious combinations. So, prepare your cheese platter, take out your cheese spoons and treat yourself to Atelier du Sel flavored salts, the perfect accomplices for your moments of gourmet pleasure.

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