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The salt mills of the Atelier du Sel

The salt mills of the Atelier du Sel

Every moment of gluttony has its mill

Finely ground, fleur de sel or in large crystals, each moment of indulgence needs a little bit of milling!

With Atelier du Sel mills, you can season all your dishes in no time.

Atelier du Sel natural or flavored salts are presented to you in containers and grinders adapted to all situations :

- For a medium flow and a generous grind, try the baroque grinder,
- Need a pinch? Try our pots of fine salt or our sachets of coarse salt,
- And if you can't make up your mind, the modern mill is for you: with its 2-function grinder, you can switch from fine salt to medium salt in 1 click!

Moulin Moderne: technical sheet & advice for use

Bring subtlety to your kitchen and elegance to your table by collecting modern Atelier du Sel mills!

AESTHETICS: the modern grinder has a contemporary look, its transparent glass body allows you to fully appreciate the quality and colors of our flavored salts

PRACTICAL: This grinder offers a pleasant and generous flow rate and all you have to do is unscrew the cap to refill it.

INNOVATIVE: it is equipped with a dual-function grinder allowing two sizes of crystals to be obtained.

  1. Remove the cap on the end of the grinder and make small rotations to obtain a fine salt.
  1. Turn the removable part upwards so as to increase by one notch. You will hear a small click. You will obtain a size of crystals identical to that of fleur de sel.

Discover all our mills and our selection of flavored peppers and salts !

Enjoy your food !