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The 4 peppers - Coarse Flavored Camargue Salt Refill

The 4 peppers
Coarse Flavored Camargue Salt Refill
Recharge Gros Sel de Camargue Aromatisé

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La symphonie des saveurs méridionales. Cette recharge pour moulin à Sel de Camargue aromatisé aux Herbes de Provence vous transporte au cœur des paysages ensoleillés et des senteurs méditerranéennes. Succombez à cette alliance parfaite de sel de Camargue et des herbes de Provence, pour un voyage gustatif hors du temps.

A mix of character and refinement

Are you looking for a seasoning rich in taste, capable of bringing a touch of originality and character to your culinary preparations?

Camargue salt, of exceptional purity and harvested in accordance with tradition, is associated with an assortment of peppers carefully selected for their complementary and nuanced flavors. Black pepper, powerful and spicy, mingles with green pepper, fresh and slightly fruity, while white pepper, sweet and subtle, is enhanced by the sweet and peppery touch of pink peppercorns. This covenant offers a range of flavors that will enhance and sublimate your dishes with finesse.


Net weight: 300 grams.

Camargue coarse salt, ground black pepper 1.2%, green pepper 0.12%, white pepper 0.12%, pink peppercorns 0.12%.

This salt is 100% natural, untreated, from organic farming, without artificial coloring or preservatives.


Ideal for seasoning red and white meats, vegetables, soups, stews, sauces.


Store in a dry place away from light and humidity.

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