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Black rice from Camargue IGP

Black rice from Camargue IGP
Riz Noir de Camargue IGP

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Savourez l'authenticité et l'exclusivité du riz noir de Camargue IGP, une variété rare et précieuse qui saura éveiller vos papilles et vous faire voyager au cœur des traditions culinaires de la Camargue. Ce riz au goût unique, à la fois riche et délicat, est le fruit d'un savoir-faire ancestral et d'un terroir d'exception.

An inimitable texture and flavor

Camargue black rice offers a firm and slightly crunchy texture that resists cooking well. Its subtle flavor, reminiscent of hazelnuts and toast, will delight rice lovers looking for an extraordinary taste experience.

A nutritional richness

In addition to its taste and nutritional qualities, Camargue black rice is rich in fibre, protein, vitamins and minerals. It also has antioxidant properties, beneficial for your health.

Culinary versatility

Camargue black rice adapts to a multitude of preparations, whether savory or sweet dishes. It will sublimate your risottos, salads, pan-fried dishes and even desserts, bringing a touch of originality and refinement to your table.

Origin and quality guaranteed

Cultivated with passion and respect for the environment by our local producers, Camargue IGP black rice is certified Protected Geographical Indication, a guarantee of quality and authenticity.

Eco-responsible commitment

By choosing Camargue PGI black rice, you are contributing to the preservation of a unique agricultural and cultural heritage, while supporting local producers committed to a sustainable development approach.


Net weight: 500 grams.

Camargue IGP black rice.


Boiling time: 18 minutes.


Store in a dry place away from light and humidity.

Le riz de Camargue IGP

Le riz de Camargue IGP

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